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TETRA CS Neptune™ is a new, innovative, high-density, solids-free, zinc-free, and formate-free completion fluid developed for deepwater and complex high-pressure wells that require heavy clear brine solutions to control well pressure during the completion phase. Until now, zinc brines or cesium formates were the only options. TETRA CS Neptune, is the clear solution to the oil and gas industry’s quest for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to allow operators to safely complete their wells.


TETRA CS Neptune addresses the environmental challenges facing offshore oil producers seeking an alternative to zinc brines, which are classified as “marine pollutants” in the U.S. and have been prohibited for use in the North Sea since the 1990s. Cesium formates replaced zinc brines in the North Sea and, until now, were the only viable option. TETRA CS Neptune provides another option that meets the environmental requirements for the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea and can be used in other sensitive environments.



  • Can be formulated to a density of up to 15.4 ppg, 1.85 g/ml (efforts are underway to extend the limits)
  • Exhibits significantly lower crystallization temperatures (TCT & PCT) than equivalent-density calcium bromide brines
  • Stable at elevated temperatures and during storage
  • Can be mixed with standard CBF mixing equipment
  • Compatible with downhole elastomers and metallurgies
  • Exhibits compatibility similar to that of calcium bromide with other working and reservoir fluids
  • Formulated from renewable products, ensuring continuity of supply



  • Zinc-free and, hence, does not require zero-discharge system to work
  • Can be reclaimed for reuse, using standard technology
  • Neutral pH - poses lower health and safety risks to rigsite and plant personnel
  • Significantly lower unit cost than alternative fluid chemistries
  • Requires no special mixing, handling, or storage equipment at the rig site
  • Has global environmental acceptability
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