Tetra Technologies, Inc.
Rig Cooling Services

OPTIMA® is the leading provider of rig cooling services and associated products that suppress heat generated by the high-rate flaring of hydrocarbons during offshore well test operations. Established in 1999, OPTIMA® has grown rapidly and has served a diversified customer base in over forty countries from operational bases in Aberdeen, UK, and Perth, Australia.

OPTIMA RigCooling® systems provide safety from the extreme temperatures generated during flaring operations and enable high-rate well test operations to be performed without compromising installation integrity, installation operations and personnel safety. OPTIMA RigCooling® packages employ patented nozzle technology and a wide range of associated pumping equipment that provide users with exceptional performance, reliability, safety and service quality

To learn more about OPTIMA® and our world-class rig cooling services and associated products, visit www.rigcooling.com.