Tetra Technologies, Inc.
Early Production Facilities

TETRA provides capabilities in two critical phases for initial development wells. For wells where more data is needed to define the reservoir characteristics, or to better define the produced fluids in order to establish design parameters for production facilities, TETRA can apply traditional well testing equipment for an extended well test. The opportunity exists to store produced oil for later sale, such that the cost of the extended test may be offset by the sale of oil from production. 
When evaluating the need to provide production to enable early cash flow from wells where no permanent production facilities exist or from reservoirs too small for conventional facilities, early production facilities (EPFs) provide the needed alternative. 
The ability to implement your process facility needs begins by creating a true partnership with you from the beginning.  During the initial FEED (front-end engineering and design) stage, TETRA focuses on the design requirements. From the initial requirements, TETRA offers the ability to “fast-track” facilities specially designed to meet requirements or provide facilities around standard process modules for well control, separation, fluid conditioning, and disposal. 
TETRA’s difference comes from its experience in project management, supplier coordination and relationships, ability to adapt to changing requirements, and in handling complex logistical requirements, as well as in its ability to offer flexible commercialization schemes to meet your project requirements.

Projects range from:

  • Dehydration Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil & Gas Sweetening Systems
  • Amine Plants (Gas Sweetening)
  • Storage &  Laboratory Services
  • Production Handling (Truck Loading and Export Pumps)
  • Remote Monitoring and Process Automation

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Vice President Production Testing
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Production Testing Product Line Manager EH
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Production Testing Product Line Manager NA
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